You can perform this operation to delete the buckets specified by a user.

Only the bucket owner and users who are granted the permission to delete buckets can delete buckets. Only an empty bucket can be deleted. If a bucket has an object or a multipart task, the bucket is not empty. You can determine whether a bucket is empty by listing objects and multipart upload tasks in the bucket.


If a 5xx error is returned from the server or the request times out during bucket deletion, the system takes approximately 10 minutes to make bucket information consistent. During the process, bucket information is inaccurate.

Request Syntax

Date: date
Authorization: authorization

Request Parameters

This request contains no parameter.

Request Headers

This request uses common headers. For details, see Common Request Headers.

Request Elements

This request contains no element.

Response Syntax

HTTP/1.1 status_code
Date: date

Response Headers

This response uses common headers. For details, see Common Response Headers.

Response Elements

This response contains no element.

Error Responses

No special errors are returned. For details about error responses, see Table 1.