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Creating Access Keys (AK and SK)

When accessing OBS with a client, a software development kit (SDK), or APIs, an account must provide needed access keys, that is, an AK and an SK. The following describes AKs and SKs:

  • An AK is an Access Key ID on OBS. One AK maps to only one user but one user can have multiple AKs. OBS recognizes users by their AKs.
  • An SK is the Secret Access Key on OBS, which is required as the key to access OBS. You can generate authentication information based on SKs and request header fields. SKs and AKs are in one-to-one mapping.

To create an AK and an SK in OBS Console, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to OBS Console.
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click your username and select My Credential.
  3. On the My Credential page, click Add Access Key below the Access Keys area. A user can create a maximum of two valid access keys.
  4. Enter the required information as prompted and save the newly created access key.


    To ensure access code security, keep the access key secure. If you click Cancel in the Confirm dialog box, the access key will not be downloaded and cannot be downloaded later. In this case, you must delete the access key and create one later when necessary.


If an access key has a problem (for example, it is lost or leaked) or will be no longer used, click Delete in the access key list to delete the access key or contact the administrator to reset the access key. When deleting an access key, you must enter the login password and email address or mobile phone verification code. A deleted access key cannot be restored.