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Configuring Lifecycle Management

You can configure the lifecycle management function to manage objects' lifecycles. You can define how OBS manages an object in the lifecycle from creating or initially storing the object to deleting or replacing the object.

You can specify lifecycle configuration rules for the objects whose lifecycles are clearly defined. Many objects in a bucket may have a clearly defined lifecycle. The following is an example:

If you periodically upload logs to your bucket, your applications may use these logs one week or one month later, and then you want to delete these logs that may not be used again.

During a certain period of time, you may frequently access some files. Then you may not access these files in real time, but you need to archive them for a longer time and selectively delete them. You may upload data of different types for archive purposes, such as digital media, financial and medical records, original genome sequence data, long-term database backup, and data that must be retained for regulatory compliance.

You can use OBS Console or REST APIs to manage objects' lifecycles.