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What Are the Technical Advantages of OBS?

OBS has the following advantages:

Brilliant data durability and service continuity: OBS is used by the Huawei Cloud Album for mobile phones, able to support a vast number of users' access. Device and data redundancy within each AZ and data disaster recovery between AZs help deliver a data durability of 99.999999999% and a service continuity of 99.99%, which are far higher than those of traditional storage.

Multi-level protection and authorization management: OBS secures data through trusted cloud authentication. The multiple data protection mechanisms, including versioning, server-side encryption, VPC-based network isolation, access log audit, and fine-grained permission control, promote the data security to a new level.

Intelligent scheduling for smooth data access: With intelligent scheduling and response, OBS optimizes data access paths. Event notification, transfer acceleration, and big data–oriented optimization further improve data access experience on the basis of massive concurrency, large bandwidth, and minimized latencies.

Easy to use and on-demand capacity resizing: OBS supports REST APIs, multi-version SDKs, and data migration tools, facilitating transition to the cloud. It is needless to plan a storage capacity beforehand and worry about storage capacity expansion or reduction because storage resources are available for linear and nearly infinite expansion.

Two charging options: Pay per use or monthly/yearly subscription. Data in each of the Standard, Infrequent Access, and Archive storage classes can be metered and charged independently, reducing storage costs.