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Which Encryption Technologies Are Supported by OBS?

Before uploading your data to OBS, you can encrypt the data to ensure security during transmission and storage. OBS has no restrictions on encryption technologies employed on clients.

OBS allows users to encrypt objects using server-side encryption so that the objects can be securely stored on OBS.

The objects to be uploaded can be encrypted using SSE-KMS. You need to create a key using KMS or use the default key provided by KMS. Then you can use the KMS key to perform server-side encryption when uploading objects on OBS

OBS supports both SSE-KMS and server-side encryption with customer-provided keys (SSE-C) by invoking APIs. In SSE-C mode, OBS uses the keys and MD5 values provided by customers for server-side encryption. For details about the APIs, see Server-Side Encryption in the Object Storage Service API Reference.