Methods to Access Image Processing

You can access Image Processing in the following ways:

  • Log in to OBS Console to preview image effects in different style templates.

    On the image processing page of OBS Console, you can create a style template for the image using buttons or editing codes. You can preview their effects in different style templates on the preview page. After creating a style template for the image, you can copy the link to obtain the new image URL.

  • Call RESTful APIs to access Image Processing using applications.

    OBS provides REST APIs. In REST, specific information or data on a network is represented by a resource, which is referenced with a uniform resource identifier (URI). Clients on a network can locate resources using uniform resource locators (URLs). The URL is in the following format: https://Endpoint/uri. You can obtain the processed image simply by inputting a URL that complies with the command rules of Image Processing in the address box of the browser. For details about API accessing, see the Object Storage Service API Reference.