Code editing and API calling are the only two methods supported.

With format conversion function, the image is output in Baseline JPG format. If you want to output an image in Progressive JPEG, use the interlace parameter. Table 1 describes the parameters in detail.

  • Presentation mode of Baseline JPG images: top to down.
  • Presentation mode of Progressive JPEG images: blurred to clear.

Operation name: interlace

Table 1 Interlace


Value Description

Code Example


The value can be set to 0 or 1.

0: The output is a JPG image that is presented from top to down.

1: The output is a JPEG image that is presented progressively.



  • Output a JPG image that is presented progressively.,jpg/interlace,1

  • Output a JPG image presented from top to down.,jpg/interlace,0