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    See Elastic Cloud Server

    Elastic Cloud Server

    An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a computing server that consists of CPUs, memory, images, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks and allows on-demand allocation and elastic scaling. Huawei ECS integrates Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), virtual firewall, and multi-data-copy capabilities to build up an efficient, reliable, and secure computing environment to ensure that your services can be stably and continuously running.


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    Private Image

    Private image contains an OS, preset public applications, and a user's private applications, and is visible to only a user. A private image is created from an ECS or a VBS. A private image frees you from repeatedly configure ECSs when you create ECSs.

    Public Image

    Public image contains a standard OS image and preset public applications and is visible to all users. You can configure the application environment and required software to customize a public image.