Purchase Per Use

OBS is charged in pay per use mode by default, based on actual service duration (in hours), without a minimum fee.

After registering a cloud service account, recharge your account and then OBS can be used properly.


  1. Register a cloud service account.

    1. Open the browser, type http://huaweicloud.ru/ in the address box, and press Enter.
    2. In the upper right corner of the page, click Register.
    3. On the registration page, fill in registration information and click Submit register message.
    4. Configure information as prompted.

  2. Recharge your account.

    1. Log in to OBS Console.
    2. Click Recharge and the recharging page is displayed.
    3. Recharge the account as prompted.
    4. After the recharging is successful, leave the recharging page and switch back to the management console page.
    5. Click Object Storage Service to enable the OBS service and log in to the OBS Console.