Monthly/Yearly Subscription


OBS can also be charged in monthly/yearly subscription mode. You can purchase a monthly or yearly package based on your resource usage and duration plan.


  1. After subscribing to OBS, click Buy Resource Package on the OBS Console homepage to go to the resource package purchase page.
  2. Configure information as prompted.

    You can click Product Price Details to view the charging details.

  3. Click Buy Now.
  4. Confirm that the order is correct and click Submit order.

    If the order is incorrect, click Previous to modify its information and continue purchasing.

  5. Purchase the order as prompted.


    Precautions of purchasing packages are as follows:

    Renewal and unsubscription are not supported. When a package has expired, it does not impact your operations and data security on OBS. You only need to ensure that the account balance is sufficient and the system will automatically settle the charges in pay-per-use mode.

    Monthly reconfiguration rules for traffic packages are as follows:

    The reconfiguration is performed by calendar months. If downlink traffic is generated, the quota of the traffic package is consumed first and the additional traffic is settled in pay-per-use mode. For example, you purchased a downlink traffic package of 2 TB for 6 months on April 15. Then you have 2 TB downstream traffic available to use from April 15 to April 30. At 00:00:00 on May 1, you will get another 2 TB downlink traffic for use in May. The remaining traffic in the last month is cleared. At 00:00:00 on June 1, another 2 TB downstream traffic is assigned to you and so forth until your purchased package has expired.