AK and SK

A user's account provided by OBS contains an AK and an SK. The AK and SK are used for user authentication. If you use a client to send a request to OBS, the request header must contain a signature. The signature is generated based on the SK, request time, and request type.

AKs and SKs are key pairs used to access OBS. When OBS APIs are used to access stored data, AKs and SKs are used to generate authentication information.

After subscribing to OBS, you can log in to My Credential and create AKs and SKs based on site requirements. The system identifies users who access the system by AKs, and SKs are used for key authentication.

  • One AK maps to only one user but one user can have multiple AKs.
  • One SK maps to one AK, forming a key pair for accessing OBS and thereby ensuring access security.