An object is a basic data unit of OBS. It contains both data and the metadata that describes data attributes. Data uploaded to OBS is stored into buckets as objects.

An object consists of data, metadata, and a key.
  • A key specifies the name of an object. An object key is a string ranging from 1 to 1024 characters in UTF-8 format. The object key for each object in a bucket must be unique.
  • Metadata provides a description of objects. Metadata contains system metadata and user metadata. All metadata is uploaded to OBS as key-value pairs.
    • System metadata is automatically generated by OBS and is used for processing object data. System metadata includes Date, Content-length, Last-modify, and Content-MD5.
    • User metadata is specified when users upload objects and is used to describe objects.
  • Data is the information contained by an object.

Generally, objects are managed as files. However, as an object-based storage service, OBS does not involve real files or folders. For easy data management, OBS provides a method to simulate folders. By adding a slash (/) in an object name, for example, test/123.jpg, you can simulate test as a folder and 123.jpg as the name of a file under the test folder. However, the key remains test/123.jpg.

In OBS Console or OBS Browser, you can use folders directly.