• K-O

    Notification information released to a topic, which consists of a title and specific content

    Message Template

    Template used for quickly message sending When users use a message template to send a message, the template tag is replaced with the parameter value specific to the message.

    Message Template Tag

    Tag configured in a customized message template, which is replaced with the specific parameter value when users send a message


  • P

    SMN message sender

  • S
    Simple Message Notification

    Simple Message Notification (SMN) is a reliable and scalable message notification service that supports massive data and automatically sends messages to subscribers through emails, SMS messages, and Apps using HTTP, or HTTPS, depending on their requirements.


    See Simple Message Notification


    A role that is subscribed to a topic When adding a subscriber to a topic, users need to enter a message receiving address, which is a mailbox for email subscribers, phone number for SMS message subscribers, and URL for HTTP/HTTPS subscribers.


    To register subscribers to a topic.

  • T

    Collection of messages, which is the basic unit for isolating message data