Server-Side Encryption Overview

After server-side encryption is enabled, objects to be uploaded will be encrypted and stored on the server. When downloading the encrypted objects, the encrypted data will be decrypted on the server and displayed in plaintext to users.

Key Management Service (KMS) uses Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) to ensure key security, enabling users to easily create and manage encryption keys. Keys are not displayed in plaintext outside HSMs, which prevents key disclosure. All operations performed on keys are controlled and logged, and usage of all keys is recorded, meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

OBS Console supports server-side encryption with KMS-managed keys (SSE-KMS). In SSE-KMS mode, OBS uses the keys provided by KMS for server-side encryption.

The objects to be uploaded can be encrypted using SSE-KMS. You need to create a key using KMS or use the default key provided by KMS. Then you can use the KMS key to perform server-side encryption when uploading objects on OBS.

OBS supports both SSE-KMS and server-side encryption with customer-provided keys (SSE-C) by invoking APIs. In SSE-C mode, OBS uses the keys and MD5 values provided by customers for server-side encryption.