Storage Classes

Different storage classes meet different needs for storage performance and costs.
  • OBS Standard features low access latency and high throughput. It is applicable to storing frequently accessed (multiple times per month) hot or small files (< 1 MB) that require quick response. The application scenarios include big data, mobile applications, hot videos, and social media images.
  • OBS Infrequent Access is applicable to storing semi-frequently accessed (less than 12 times a year) data that requires quick response. The application scenarios include file synchronization, file sharing, and enterprise-level backup. It provides the same durability, access latency, and throughput as OBS Standard but at a lower price. However, OBS Infrequent Access has lower availability than OBS Standard.
  • OBS Archive is applicable to archiving rarely accessed (once a year) data. The application scenarios include data archiving and long-term data retention for backup. OBS Archive is secure, durable, and inexpensive, which can replace tape libraries. However, it can take up to hours to restore data from OBS Archive.