Redirection to Another Host

OBS supports the configuration of redirection.


All of the website files required by the static website have been uploaded to the specified bucket.

To ensure that a hosted static website can be accessed by all users, set Read for the bucket storing static website files to anonymous users. Then set anonymous users to be able to access static website files in the bucket in bucket policies, ensuring that the users have sufficient access permissions for desired objects. The configuration of static website hosting takes effect within two minutes.


  1. Log in to OBS Console.
  2. In the bucket list, click the target bucket to go to the Summary page.
  3. In the navigation tree on the left, click Static Website Hosting.
  4. Click the Static Website Hosting card, and select Redirect requests. In the Redirect requests text box, enter the bucket name or the domain name of the target website, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 Static Website Hosting

    After changing the destination address for redirection, you must manually clear the browser cache so that requests will be redirected to the new destination address.

    For example, if the original destination address for redirection is, the system automatically jumps to after you access the static website hosting address (or replicate the address to another browser). After changing the destination address for redirection to, you must clear the browser cache. By doing so, when you access the static website hosting address, the system automatically jumps to Otherwise, the system will still jump to

  5. Click OK.