Undoing a File Deletion

You can undo a deletion to retrieve the deleted object. However, only the latest version, rather than earlier versions, of object can be retrieved.


Make sure that versioning has been enabled on the bucket where the object resides before the deletion, and the deleted object has other available versions. For details on how to enable versioning, see Versioning.


  1. Log in to OBS Console.
  2. In the bucket list, select the bucket of the deleted object you want to retrieve.
  3. In the navigation tree on the left, click Object.
  4. Click Deleted Object and select the deleted object you want to retrieve. Then click Undelete on the right, as shown in Figure 1.

    If the deleted object you want to retrieve resides in a folder, click the folder and select the deleted object, and then click Undelete on the right.

    Figure 1 Undeleting an object

Follow-up Procedure

Select a deleted object, and click Delete on the right to permanently delete the object.