• A
      Available Zone

      A physical region where resources use independent power supply and networks. AZs are physically isolated but interconnected through the internal network. To enhance application availability, you are advised to create instances in different AZs.


      See Available Zone

    • B
      Backup Policy

      A backup policy is a preset policy for backup operations. It consists of the backup policy name, backup job scheduling plan, and backup data retention method. The backup job scheduling plan defines the backup execution frequency and points in time. The backup data retention method defines the number of retained backups and whether to retain the first backup copy of the current month. After binding an EVS disk to a backup policy, the system automatically backs up data of that EVS disk.


      • P-T

        A region is a geographical area. A country can be geographycially divided into different regions. Follow the proximity principle when selecting a region. This principle helps reduce network latency and improve access to services.


        • U-Z

          See Volume Backup Service

          Volume Backup Service

          Volume Backup Service (VBS) allows a disk to be backed up and restored to a specific time in point. You can use VBS to revert a disk to a state when a backup was created, or create a disk or image using a backup, thereby preventing data loss.